Our Story - Burn Boot Camp

Our Story

"I wanted a chance to change the world" - Devan Kline


The Start

Burn Boot Camp, founded by husband and wife Devan and Morgan Kline, was always meant to be more than just a gym. Purpose and passion are the building blocks of this organization, and those characteristics make it the inspirational business it’s known as today.

Devan and Morgan were both raised in the heart of Battle Creek, Michigan. They first met in sixth grade and instantly became childhood sweethearts.


The Passion

After Morgan graduated from college, she moved to Naples, Florida, to elevate her marketing career. Meanwhile, Devan was signed to a professional baseball contract with the San Francisco Giants, traveling the country to follow his dream of becoming a professional athlete.

Throughout his career with the Giants, Devan spent most of his time living with host families while he was on the road. It was a revelation for him to observe how the average family functions, for a broken home was all he knew. For over six years, Devan took the time to assist his host families with their health, nutrition and overall fitness. These moments did not instantaneously breed an “a-ha” moment for Devan, but they would eventually become his inspiration for changing lives all over the world.

After being released from the Giants, Devan headed to Naples to be with Morgan. While she was excelling in the food marketing industry, Devan began his life’s work as a Certified Personal Trainer. With his host families in mind, he started a women’s-only boot camp called Lightning 900—Burn 900 Calories Lightning Fast. It quickly became the most popular fitness program in Naples and further shaped what Burn Boot Camp would ultimately become.


The Purpose

In 2012, a job promotion brought the Klines to Charlotte, North Carolina, and inspired Devan to start his own company. That April, he hosted the first Burn Boot Camp in the parking lot of a gymnastics studio. The program quickly gained popularity and became one of the fastest-growing boot camps around. With the support of the community, Devan and Morgan opened their first facility, which is now known as the Headquarters gym. In under two years, the brand gained the attention of hundreds of women and families, and others wanted to be a part of the movement.


The Dream

On February 19, 2015, Devan and Morgan's dream came true: Burn Boot Camp started its franchising career. The Klines are beyond grateful to be partnering with others who share a deep passion for impacting communities around the world and providing mental, physical and emotional transformations that result in lasting change.